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Plan Ahead Discounts

What is It?

We offer a special discount to our business customers who plan their supply needs with us at least a month ahead of the time that they will need to take delivery of the items.

Why Do We Offer This?

Our goal is to provide you with the most competitive prices for your supply needs so that you can control your project costs and hopefully complete your project under budget!

We can't do this if you come to us at the last minute with large supply orders.  That would require us to maintain huge inventories and no idea when our customers were going to purchase these items or if they were going to go to competitors to purchase them.  We would be out of business very soon with this business model.

Secondly, if we have to then order items at the last minute from our manufacturers, the freight and shipping costs become very high and it then becomes impossible to provide a competitive price as we have to pass on the large freight and shipping charges to the customer within the quoted price.

Planning ahead helps with everything, including your project timeline, your project costs, your customers and your suppliers.

How it Works

  1. 45 to 60 days ahead of your project needs, use the Contact Us link our website to submit a information about your project and related work dates and forecasted items needed.
  2. We will reply back by email with a quote/estimate of the items, including a special plan ahead discount.
  3. Review and sign the Plan Ahead quote to secure your discount and legally agree to purchase the items when they are required.
  4. We will ensure we have the items in stock by the future dates needed.