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Krylon Quik-Mark Inverted Marking Paint, Solvent Based, 20 oz can

Prices Good Through 12/31/2020, Minimum Order Quantity 72 cans (6 cases)
12 cans equal 1 case / box
Manufacturers: Krylon , Sherwin Williams
SKU: A03 Solvent

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Krylon QUIK-MARK™ Solvent-based Inverted Marking Paints 20 oz can.  One-coat coverage and our Spray-Thru™ cap allow for inverted painting ease. Use on concrete, pavement, gravel, grass, brick, asphalt, athletic fields, utility, excavation, ground surveying and construction marking. Quik-Mark™ Solvent-Based Inverted Marking Paint offers an advanced UV resistant formula. Our formula allows you to mark your lines during harsh or adverse conditions, even in extreme sun, Quik-Mark™ advanced UV resistant formulas will not fade to a different color! Accuracy, speed and ease of marking will keep your locators efficient and productive while lowering the overall costs of a ticket. Total marking paint performance eliminates costly remarking, clogged and wasted cans, and allows marking with confidence in any weather conditions.


High-solids formulation for bold, bright, visible markings 
Fast-drying formula penetrates and adheres to hot and cold surfaces 
Convenient Spray-Thru™ cap 
Non-clogging Spray tip